Have the Most Organized Move Ever With These Tips

Even if you're an amazing planner, moving can range from a mild headache to a huge nightmare. It's best to go into a move knowing that things won't always go according to plan and that things will get mixed up at some point.
But you can make moving so much easier and more organized with these 3 tips!

Tip #1: Give each box a number. By numbering each box individually, you'll be able to make sure that each box ends up in the right place. This is especially important if you're not the one moving the boxes. And numbering the boxes makes tip #2 a breeze!
Tip #2: Make an inventory. You can do this in a notebook, make a spreadsheet, or use an app like BoxMeUp, but whichever way you do it, make sure you keep track of all your items and which boxes they end up in.
This is especially useful if you're shipping any of your belongings or storing them for a long period of time. Just look at your inventory, and you'll know where each item is stored!

Tip #3: Give each room a color. Color coding is an organizer's best friend, and it's so nice for moving. Giving each room a color makes it so easy to get your items moved into their new rooms, and all you have to do is glance at the box to see where it goes! To color-code, your boxes, get a different color of packing tape for each room. This also makes finding the right boxes so easy if you have to store them.

With these tips in your moving arsenal, you're sure to have the most organized move of your life. And while moving won't ever be as fun as buying and closing on a new home, you can make it as smooth as possible by keeping organized!

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