The State of Luxury Properties in Carmel, California

If you are looking for luxury properties in Carmel, California, you'll want to keep up with the changes in the local real estate market. Like many areas, the market is in a state of transition. After two years of extraordinary growth, the market has normalized. It's important to note however that inventory still remains limited. There are still more buyers than sellers. That being said, the Carmel real estate market has remained relatively stable. 

Buyers: The biggest challenge for buyers is the low inventory levels and higher interest rates that limit their purchasing power. Even with the economic volatility, today's buyer is willing to wait for the perfect home versus two years ago when they may have settled for something less than perfect. 

Sellers: Now more than ever it is important that seller's price their homes correctly. The most desirable homes are still selling relatively quickly, and those homes that need work or updating are taking longer to sell.  On a positive note, many homeowners have experienced significant gains in equity over the past few years! 

How can my team help?  Despite the limited inventory of homes in Carmel, my team and I  have exclusive access to some of the most desirable properties through our private exclusive listings and coming soon listings. If you are interested in Carmel or Pebble Beach properties, including exclusive golf estates and ocean view homes, you will want to sign up for our newsletter where we announce new and coming soon listings. 


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